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(FIX POSTED) Frustrating time consuming instalL gone bad
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Post (FIX POSTED) Frustrating time consuming instalL gone bad 
Pretty pissed again.

7 hours and counting to just get the damn thing to turn on.

Sold another unit, doing customer install, loosing my ass again. New RCP mk3.

Trying to connect to windows laptop. Windows 7 that connects to the RCP MK2 last race. Never connects following instructions.

updated to 1.14.6 newest app

turned all com ports off except RCP, didn't help

Driver says updated, but uninstalled and reinstalled newest usb driver from (same one, 2007 date), didn't help

Device manager says working properly.

Got windows 10 laptop going, tried that, same results.

Now, I think device is stuck in bootloader mode. Blinking light on SD card, green light solid on power. I don't actually know when or how this happened.

Looked for instructions on the wiki, and on the forum - NONE FOUND. You guys really need to overhaul your doc methods.

Only reference is for Mk2 stuff, but newest app wont go to "setup" then firmware.

Options are go thru first time setup, which hangs at trying to connect, or skip and go to setup. If you do that, there are three options, read config(wont work because won't connect), open( which looks at the laptop) or first time setup.. (ENDLESS LOOP AGAIN)

So, what to do next???

Any help appreciated...

(problem #2, got amazon tablet out from enduro car using MK2, it auto updated app to 1.14.6, won't connect to either unit now)


Sector Purple Racing
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Brent emailed me fix for this the night I posted, so kudos on his good service.

I went down the rabbit hole on troubleshooting, as well as searching these forums quite extensively. I did not ever find mention of the solution, so I thought I would post the fix here.

RCP Mk3 was stuck in bootloader mode because RED BUTTON COVER WAS PHYSICALLY HOLDING DOWN BUTTON.

I actually wondered about this early on, but it seemed like a normal membrane type button.

I pulled the red cover up at the corner of the top of it, and gained some "thickness" on the button, as Brent diagnosed. I picture that the cover was not thru the case squarely is my best guess.

After that, there was an audible (but subtle) "click" when you pushed on the red cover, as it is NOT a membrane style button.

There still is a small mystery as to why the light pattern indicating at first had a third light on, but that lasted a few powercycles only until the bootloader pattern never changed again.

For reference the MK2 has a black post button, uncovered. I have not figured out yet why updated amazon tablet stopped seeing Mk2 unit, but as it stuck in the trailer in 20 degree weather, that can wait awhile.

Onward with the install!


Sector Purple Racing
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