Hello from VA Beach - 991.1 for AutoX/Track

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Hello from VA Beach - 991.1 for AutoX/Track

Post by TimG »

I have a Porsche 911 991.1 and just purchased the Race Capture MK2. I have experimented for about an hour with it so far and am able to get some useful telemetry from the OBDII Channels…RPM, EngineTemp, TPS, Engine Load, Fuel Level. It seems as though there should be more available and maybe there are through the CAN channels. I don’t know if they are available through the OBDII cable and or whether or not they have been mapped for the 991.1. Is it possible to get data from the OBDII channels and the CAN channels at the same time? I would like to log the steering angle, braking and gear telemetry. Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by ProCoach »

All three of the measures you seek should come through, except gear information, which may be limited to PDK cars.

It's the same template as the 981, too. I'll be working on this this Spring at VIR.
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Post by boggie1688 »

Hi TimG,

I saw your post in the thread about the 987.1.

Unfortunately, the 987.1 uses a completely different ECU. None of the information I gathered from my car is applicable to you.

The 981 and 991, are similar so if you can find someone who has 981 experience it will help you get a jump start. I don't have access to either car, so there is not much I can do for you.

Out of curiosity to you have an accessport for your 991?

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