Spitfire IV

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Spitfire IV

Post by Matt306 »

Trying to make a base map based on the factory values in the Triumph Manual. I am new at this so all help appreciated.

My Spit IV engine is pretty standard, MK IV 1296, Twin HS2 , i have put in a Canleys Spit Mk 3 Cam and four port exhaust manifold which are the only 'performance' upgrades, needles are AAN which are a slight bit narrower than standard.

I have used the excellent spread sheet here viewtopic.php?t=2632 but as you can see from the factory manual there are only 6 points to plot so i have included 4 more to complete the curve.

What I have noticed is there is a big pick up from idle advance to where the second 1400 RPM bin kicks in.

Any help / thoughts appreciated
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