analogy compatibility...

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analogy compatibility...

Post by rich080487 »

Silly question time...

I am not very familiar with CAN, so apologies if I have completely missed the purpose of the analogx.

I have a stock car but it has minimal gauges from factory. Lots of people seem to use OBD readers (such as scangauge or torque app) to display extra data. Unfortunately some data is not available over one, such as oil pressure. So I have been thinking about different solutions...

Would it be possible to use a device to measure analog sensors and convert them into data that the car can transmit over OBD, so I can effectively add extra datasets to an OBD display? Maybe analogue to can convertor such as analogX could do this?

I don't think this is likely, but thought I would ask anyway...

Thanks, Rich

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Post by brentp »

Hi Rich,

AnalogX does indeed convert Analog signals to CAN bus and does it with it's own CAN bus protocol.

The CAN bus protocol is documented here:

The system receiving this data would need to be programmed to understand and handle this data accordingly - this is where the challenge would lie.

Hope this helps clarify what AnalogX does - and does not do.

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