Autocross start & finish lines

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Autocross start & finish lines

Post by raygun »

I have a Track Mk2. It seems to work great for HPDEs / circuits with the tracks from the library.

However, I’m trying to figure out how to get the track configured for autocross.

Unfortunately, I cannot exactly drive the car to the start and finish lines before a run (though I’m tempted to try and see how quickly I get a DQ), so using the mk2’s GPS is not going to work.

Is there anyway I could use my phone (iPhone)’s GPS to configure the course? I could happily do that during the course walkthrough. The only other thing that comes to mind is to connect a 12V battery to the device and carry it and the GPS antenna around with me, then reinstall it in the car. That is not an ideal solution.


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Post by brentp »

Hi -

If you can't pre-drive the course to set the points, what you can do is manually set a stat/finish line for the system by first getting the coordinates using a separate GPS app, and then programming it into the system as separate start/finish points. ... 5j&index=2

It is pretty clunky, but we are looking to improve it.

Here's the other way you could create it: ... j&index=11

Let us know how that works. Thanks!
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Post by SLKado »

raygun, are you using the racecapture app for autocross or solostorm? If solostorm, then just let the app detect the start/finish lines. it takes one run for it to get the general idea and then you can correct the exact spots in the app.

If you're using racecapture app, brentp has you covered.

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