Garmin VIRB XE

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Garmin VIRB XE

Post by Brightonuk »

Hi guys
New member and totally clueless.

I just had a Microsqirt ECU installed on my 2001 Caterham Superlite. ... g-harness/

I am using a Garmin VIRBXE action Cam for track days that will display telemetry from the car via a bluethooth ELM327.

My problem is:

"Your VIRB® camera can pair with a compatible Bluetooth® ELM327 on-board diagnostics (ODB-II) device to record automotive data from your OBD-II compliant vehicle

"The Microsquirt data is available by CANbus and compatible with most any automotive race datalogger device. The Microsquirt, as it is an off-road race use PCM (and not a street car PCM) does not offer an OBD connection.

I am assuming the output is from the supplied D-Sub. ... able-3746/

I spoke to tech at DIYAutotune and they advised me that the RaceCapture/Track MK2 will work

If I order a RaceCapture/Track MK2 what OBDII interface do I pick? and will this unit even work with the VIRB and Microsqirt

(Update) This connects over the the two CANBus wires
so now I am totally confused

Thank you for any guidance?

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Re: Garmin VIRB XE

Post by GTIspirit »

In case you didn't figure this out yet (the thread title is misleading), it doesn't matter which OBDII interface you select. You probably won't end up using it. I'd suggest just selecting default option, for regular OBDII in case you want to use this on a regular car.

Depending on how your microsquirt is installed (so jealous of your project car, a Lotus 7 replica is my dream car), you can connect it directly to the microsquirt CAN as follows: ... stom_Cable

Or, you could connect it to an ALDL connector, and use the OBDII adapter. Or, to a DB9. What I would suggest, and what I did in my project car, is hard-wire it to the RCTrack using the RJ45, and then in parallel put that CAN on an ALDL and DB9 connector. That way you could use either the OBDII pigtail from Autosport Labs, or some type of aftermarket CAN recording device (which all use DB9).

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Re: Garmin VIRB XE

Post by brentp »

GTIspirit is correct, just choose the cheaper CAN OBDII and build the custom cable, then bring in the Megasquirt prefix, and you should be good to go!

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