Running standalone, without OBD2

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Running standalone, without OBD2

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I'm curious as to if I can run the track unit stand alone without OBD2 data, kind of like a budget solo2. Mostly just looking to use it as a predictive lap timer so I can see where I'm at and where I can improve. I just don't know if it needs speed or any other data from OBD2 to gather that data. If so what is the pinout for power on the obd2 port so I can purchase a cheap cable and splice it into the car. Or would it be better to buy a cheap OBD2 splitter and hack that up to supply 12v.


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No need for OBD2 data. It gets GPS speed from the built-in GPS unit. So as standalone it would give acceleration from the built in IMU and speed from the built in GPS.

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