No CAN output from Legacy OBD2 adapter

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No CAN output from Legacy OBD2 adapter

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Purchased a Legacy OBD2 adapter to use in a custom application on my 2003 Porsche 911 turbo (996). Is there any way to verify functionality of the Legacy OBD2 adapter without a RaceCapture system? There are no visible status lights on the outside. When I hook the output of the adapter up to a USB CAN sniffer I get no CAN broadcast. The 996 used ISO9141-2 so I was under the impression the adapter would convert it to CAN for a non-ASL project, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've verified my sniffer works on 2008+ vehicles.

I'm also in the Seattle area, so perhaps I could have someone from ASL look at it? Couldn't find any tech support contact, only direction to this forum. Thanks in advance.

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Re: No CAN output from Legacy OBD2 adapter

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Hi, When powered up, the unit accepts standard CAN OBDII queries, translates them to the legacy protocol (through auto detection). When it receives the response from the ECU, it will reply back on CAN bus with the equivalent response.

Please note the unit is not CAN terminated, and the CAN baud rate is 500K.
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