trouble with a legacy OBDII adapter

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trouble with a legacy OBDII adapter

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Good Evening:

I installed a RC pro 3 logger the other day in my 2002 Firebird running a LS1. I hooked up the legacy OBDII connector and followed the instructions for getting it started. It worked for a few minutes but then stopped working. I finally got it working a bit being able to get engine temperature as well as TPS, although the TPS seems very erratic in its readout but the RPM is not registering at all. Any suggestions on how to get this system to work?

Unfortunately, I am no computer programmer, nor a mechanic, so much of the content in the forums is WAY over my head.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: trouble with a legacy OBDII adapter

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Hi Robert,

Try doing a factory reset of RaceCapture (Setup / Firmware screen) and then add just the basic OBDII channel preset. Then write the changes back and see if that improves things.
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