Need CAN connection help - wiring discrepency

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Need CAN connection help - wiring discrepency

Post by Rodan »

I'm installing the Track Mk3 in a '92 Miata running on MS3. Really need an answer, as I need to finish the install this morning for an event this weekend.

The device included an OBDII cable, from which I removed the OBDII connector, leaving me with the four wires:


Red - 12V
Black - Gnd
Green - CAN
White - CAN

The pinouts on the Wiki indicate that White is CAN Low and Green is CAN High.


My problem is the White and Green wires seem to be reversed on my pigtail. Green goes to pin 1, and White to pin 3. I have confirmed the pin #s with the diagrams, and the numbers on the female connector on the Track Mk3. Red/Black go to the proper pins according to the documentation.

Does anyone know if the OBDII connector version of this cable would have the CAN colors reversed for some reason?

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Re: Need CAN connection help - wiring discrepency

Post by brentp »

Hi, I think we addressed this elsewhere, but the color codes for our cabling only applies to the official pigtails.

All bets are off when dis-assembling or cutting up other cabling we offer.
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