"Port Closed" and will not write

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"Port Closed" and will not write

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I am in the middle of updating all the hardware in my car to the latest firmware and I am trying update my Track MK2 to 2.18.4. I followed the instructions in the Wiki and was able to save my current configuration and able to load the new firmware into the app, but the version never change at the top. Now I cannot seem to write to my device either. I try and add the original configuration back in and I get "port closed" errors.

I am working on windows 11, USB current firmware is 2.17.4.

Any advice?

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Re: "Port Closed" and will not write

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Hi, it sounds like the firmware update process possibly failed in the middle.

When you plug the unit into USB power, do you see any flashing LEDs on the unit? What color and flashing do you see?
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