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Hello fom Wisconsin
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Post Hello fom Wisconsin 
I am new to ASL, but I had an eye on this project since its Indiegogo Campaign. At that time, a friend and I were building our own data logging devices with arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, and sensors from spark-fun. We were able to build some really cool items, but we always lacked a good front end to display our data. We would take just about any sensor, then use an arduino to basically translate things like I2C and spit it out the serial port. The raspberry Pi had a camera on it to record the race and stored the serial input in a caption file so we didn't have to seal with time drift.
About a month ago, I had it!, I couldn't fit anymore data in the caption! I decided to take a look to see how far these guys have come and was rather impressed how far they have come. I submitted some track maps talked to Ryan Doherty and Brent Picasso. Both were very friendly and were willing to go out of their way to answer my questions.
The two things I was looking for were friendly humans, and a limitless front end to interface with my existing sensors. I was 100% sold on their solution, and must give the founders and all the developers a lot of props for getting this solution to the point it is currently. The work you guys have put in on this blows anything I've built totally out of the water.
On the racing side of things, I am a Circle track guy, but I would jump into a motorized shopping cart if someone wanted me to race it. I have just as much respect for the guys racing that race " the 24 hours of lemons" as I do for the guys that race "24 Hours of Le Mans". We all love racing, and we all wanna win. I expect we all are above this difference, and can work together, making this a better solution than all the other proprietary solutions.
my goal is to build something that the rest of the competition will not, and cannot obtain unless they come to me to rent my services. I will be way cheaper than the others. I figure your way farther ahead selling your service than the complete produce. Not only will you gain the data, but you get to see what the competition is doing and your not wearing out your own equipment. Plus you get a Check!!!
My Race-capture came today, and I will post my modules once I get them working good.

Thanks for your Time.
Darek Gress

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Hi gress.darek! That's a lot of trophies!

Ryan Doherty
Autosports Labs
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