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Web View Analysis

Post by pmacduffie »

So, when I upload a log file. How do I view it via web if "laps" was not set to count. I know the file has data in it, but I cant see it. I have many ad-hoc events that show nothing so I assume laps were not counted so it cant be seen??

How does this help people that are doing autoX where there are no "Laps"


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Post by GTIspirit »

Didn't see an announcement from Brent yet, are you saying the online tool now has the ability to upload data files? :D There was a hint this would be available at some point:

http://www.autosportlabs.org/viewtopic. ... 2807#22807
brentp wrote:
Also: We're working on the ability to upload logs after the fact to http://www.race-capture.com - so you can see your data using the same analysis view as we have for real-time telemetry. Should be available in a couple of weeks as we finalize our testing.

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Post by rdoherty »

Hi pmacduffle, right now none of our tools support looking at data without laps, sorry! It's something we want to add and is on our todo list.

You can setup separate start/finish points for autocross-style driving, the latest Win/Mac app and beta Android app allows you to specify separate start and finish points. This will allow you to record laps.

If you have old data without laps you can try using the GEMS tool to analyze your data after you convert it:

GEMS software download: http://www.gems.co.uk/?content=pages&id ... -downloads
Converter: https://github.com/autosportlabs/RCP2GEMS

GTISpirit: Yup, you can upload log files now! http://www.autosportlabs.com/new-raceca ... e-uploads/
Ryan Doherty
Autosports Labs

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