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Default Ignition MAP

Post by brentp »

This is the MAP included by default with the MJLJ processor.

It is a 'safe' map that can work for boosted as well as normally aspirated engines.
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Post by damunk »


I am re-building my carb setup engine which runs a tad rich at present and going from 1.4L to 1.6L + the new mild road camshafts.

My current map which was set on rolling road is on thread: viewtopic.php?t=5602

I need a safe map to:
1) run my cams in for 20 minutes stationary
2) run the new piston rings in for a few hundred miles before i take it to the rolling road.

Better to use the default map? I have used the default before on the 1.4 but that was only to get it to the rolling road.

The difference this time is I am building an engine that will need running in before I find it comfortable to take 100 miles to the rolling road.

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