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987.1 Can Bus Mapping
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Big thankyou to you guys for sorting the CAN for the 987.1. I thought getting the steering would be good but you've also got the brake pressure giving me plenty to look at.

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boggie1688 wrote:
Sorry yes oil temp is there. It has been ages since I worked on this. I think Brent made my configuration available. You should be able to just load it an go. Otherwise download the zip and use the config there.

I got my RCT2 installed and used your presets to get a jump start. I've found a few discrepancies from what I've mapped previously, so I made some changes and am still playing around. I've connected both the Drive bus and the Display bus (my previous posts incorrectly called it Komfort, I'll fix that) and will be adding more channels as I go. Once I'm convinced I've got good data I'm happy to share back.

For the pressure I just added a sender to the motor. I found one on Amazon and just wired it up. There is a galley port on the driver side of the motor towards the rear of the car. It's a real pain in the ass look get in.

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I had an idea to try for oil pressure and it was successful. I ended up buying RCT instead of RCP because I was able to inject oil pressure CAN data onto the Drive bus and avoided RC analog inputs.

Brake is definitely there it responds to the brake pedal and I actually think it's pressure. It doesn't scale according to travel, but how hard you step on it. It's just slooooooow. It looks like you ate left foot braking in the logs.

I briefly played around with this and found I have a very quick response, so I have 2 quick thoughts on why yours is slow.
1) in your presets the sample rate was set to...1Hz
2) the scaling may be off (I don't know correct scaling either right now). If the formula has "low sensitivity" then the CAN data might swing around quickly, but the calculated value will stay ~constant giving the appearance of slow response.

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Love to see the brake stuff as I'm not happy with the slow response I'm getting. Sounds like your making great progress!

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Post seeking help/advice with Hayabusa linking 
I recently bought a MK3 data logger, and am installing it in a prototype road course racecar powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine. Iíve got the MK3 installed, but nothing hooked up beyond the power and ground yet.
Iím hoping someone can help simplify some things for me first.

From what I understand, I can tap into each of my sensors on the engine, and passively read the values in the MK3 sensors Ė at least individually, and possibly through the CAN system. However, Iím hoping I can bypass having to hook up each sensor to the MK3 individually.

The Hayabusa does not have OBD-II. However, it appears it does have CAN - not certain, and not sure how to find out for sure. One particular wire goes from the ECU to the diagnostic computer and is labeled SDS/SDL depending on the end of the wire you are on, and another wire that goes from the ECU to the dash unit labeled data/tech, again, depending on the end of the wire you are on. I donít know what data those wires carry.

I believe everything on the engine (as far as sensors is concerned) is 5V.
If either the Data or SDS/SDL wire carries the data I need, how can I tell or determine what it does carry?

What I'm hoping to do is tap into either the DATA or SDS/SDL wire and be able to access all of the data that way rather than via individual sensors. From what i read, it can be a pretty big ordeal trying to accurately set the parameters for each sensor in a non-laboratory environment.

I will be very appreciative of any info you can give me Ė on the above questions or anything else you think might help.

The above is the original post. After that post, I did a little more looking, and have additional information that might help you - which you can see in the schematics if there is a way I can get the schematics to you. There are two diagnostics plugs. One is for flashing the ECU. The other one is "SDS". I think the SDS plug is for reading the data, but not sure.

In the SDS plug, there are only 3 wires that go to the ECU editing program - 12V+, ground, and SDS. Within the ECU editor program, you have the capability of reading gobs of data. Thus, something in there has to be a CAN wire of some sort. The question, is it a CAN that is compatible with the MK3 software? Then, if it is, how do I use it? From what I understand, CAN has to have a "high" and "low". I would assume the SDS wire would be the "high" wire. Would it be safe then to assume that the ground wire (which is a common ground for the engine) is the "low" wire?

On the "flash" plug, two wires were added for flashing (not factory), and only two of the factory wires remain, going to the ECU Editor. Those wires are labeled "RXD1, and "TXD1". I assume those are communication wires (transmit and receive), likely for communicating progress of flashing, but not sure.

I'm planning to get started in the next couple days with the setup. It would be great if I go into this with a little more information than i have at this point.

The file of the schematics is too large to attach to this message at about 723KB. If you feel the schematics might help, please let me know, and let me know a way I can send it to you.


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Thanks for the post. You should create a new topic, since this is different than this topic, discussing Porsche CAN mapping. Thanks!

Brent Picasso
Founder, Autosport Labs
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