2010 TSX (Honda\Acura) CAN IDs

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2010 TSX (Honda\Acura) CAN IDs

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I haven't seen much documentation around Honda\Acura CAN id's so wanted to contribute some of what I've been able to pull together from my 2010 TSX. I'm not sure how widely this will be applicable but hopefully it helps someone get started:

RPM 10Hz 476 1(2) Raw
High rate rpm 380 2(2) Raw
Speed 10hz 344 4(2) Raw/100 kph>mph
Throttle Pedal Position 10hz 314 1(1) Raw*100/255
Engine Temp (ECT?) 10Hz 804 0(1) Raw-40
IAT 10 804 1(1) Raw -40
Brake On/Off 380 39(1)
Gas Pedal On/Off 380 32(1)
Key ignition position 380 35(1)
RunTime (in min?) 10hz 804 2(2) formula still in the works but looks in the range of Raw/1000 this level of precision doesn't make sense to me but these 2 bytes are clearly a continuous counter starting at 0.

I'll continue to update as I make sense of the data I'm capturing.

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Post by brentp »

This is great! Thank you.

If you have it sorted out, just upload a zipped copy of your RaceCapture config file and we'll add it to the presets.

Also, include a beauty shot of your car so it can be featured in the preset as well!
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