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29-bit mode CAN ID
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Post 29-bit mode CAN ID 
Originally posted until I realized there were no mods on that sub-forum. Not sure if this is a true bug (app or rcp) but just hoping to get some feedback.

Ok, I'm pretty sure I've figured out why I'm not able to get OBDII data from my 2010 TSX (probably the '18 Honda Civic I tested too).

When setting up OBDII mapping you can enable 29bit mode on the PID page.
When 29-bit mode is set and saved, the CAN ID changes to 417001744.
In my case however I can see responses actually come back with ids 417001745 and 417001757 (both seem to respond with the same info).

This shouldn't be a major issue since you can change the CAN ID right?

Unfortunately, as soon as you update the CAN ID and save, when you go back and check the PID 29 bit mode is now disabled. (confirmed I don't pick up data).
I saw in one of the past firmware version that an Auto-Detect mode was supposed to work by clearing out the value and setting the CAN ID to 0 but this also seems to disable 29bit mode, at least on the latest firmware 2.14.

Confirmed if I set 417001745 in CAN mapping I get data but I get all OBDII responses on the same Mapping since it's not filtered to the PID.

I'm still trying to figure it out but it does appear I can add a mask without disabling 29bit mode. The first attempt was with a mask of 224 which I'm pretty sure is entirely incorrect (for anything but a ip mask). After a bit more reading I've set 536870904 (1FFFFFF8) and will test that this evening.

If a mask doesn't do the trick I'll try to see if I can lua script a query, capture, and mapping to a virtual channel.

@mods any ideas on how to get the CAN ID updated for 29-bit mode?
Should this be filed as a bug or am I missing something?

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Itís possible that Iím still not calculating the mask right but so far no luck there.

Hopefully Someone can at least confirm the bug.

Havenít had time to put the lua together to test via script so Iíll still have to see what I get from that.

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