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ShiftX3 - Display not inverting
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Post ShiftX3 - Display not inverting 
I have a ShfitX3 connected to my RCT MK2 and everything seems to be working fine; with the exception of the LED display inverting. I've attached my config to this post, but here is the relevant ShiftX3 portion. I've tried changing sxSetConfig to various combinatons of (1,0,1) (0,0,1) etc and none of the changes I've made cause the display to invert. The numbers are "upside down" and the RPMs go from right to left instead of left to right, etc.

Is there anything elese i need to be looking for?


-- Set ShiftX3 configuration parameters with default parameters
-- orientation: 0=normal, 1=inverted (display above LED bar)
-- brightness: 0-100%, 0 = auto brightness
-- can bus: 0=CAN1, 1=CAN2

--config shift light
sxCfgLinearGraph(0,0,0,7000) --left to right graph, smooth style, 0 - 7000 RPM range

sxSetLinearThresh(0,0,3000,0,255,0,0) --green at 3000 RPM
sxSetLinearThresh(1,0,5000,255,255,0,0) --yellow at 5000 RPM
sxSetLinearThresh(2,0,6000,255,0,0,10) --red+flash at 6000 RPM

--configure first alert (right LED) as engine temperature (F)
sxSetAlertThresh(0,0,0,0,0,255,0) --blue warning at 0F
sxSetAlertThresh(0,1,165,0,0,0,0) --no alert above 165F
sxSetAlertThresh(0,2,250,255,0,0,10) -- red flash at 250F

--configure second alert (left LED) as coolant temperature (F)
sxSetAlertThresh(1,0,0,0,0,255,0) --blue warning at 0F
sxSetAlertThresh(1,1,165,0,0,0,0) --no alert above 165F

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