VW 1500 Squareback with Megajolt

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VW 1500 Squareback with Megajolt

Post by knastenrad »

some pic's of my -66 VW squareback with the great Megajolt box :)
2,2Watercooled Vanagon Boxer with turbo, Water/air IC,Megasquirt/Megajolt




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Post by brentp »

That is a simply gorgeous machine and a super clean engine layout, and turbocharged to boot! Thank you very much for sharing!
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Post by knastenrad »

Thx! glad u like it :)

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Post by dr.occa »

wow, very clean engine bay. pristine looking car. great job on it!

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Post by Gilesy998 »

Taht is one seriously pretty ol' dub 8) Is there anything we should know about the front grille? Never seen a T3 with a grille before :lol:

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Post by DannyP »

I like it! You've got guts turboing a wasserleaker, dude. I hope you have spares! :lol:
How much boost are you running?

I have 91 Westy, pondering selling it.

Also have a type1 powered 550 Spyder, Megajolt to be installed this winter. System is ready to go, just have to pull the motor to mount the trigger wheel as it is mid-engine. No room to work between the pulley and the firewall.

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Post by knastenrad »

thx guy's. :)
Those leakey WBX are actually very nice and strong engines if you sort out the "small" issues regarding leaking.
Crank and case are bulletproof. great for turbo/torque.
I have experimented with turbo on a couple of other WBX engines , in a beetle i had. and the can handle a descent amount of boost.
Now i run 15PSI but had i up in 21PSI . (wastegate issue :) )

The grille is from a Superbeetle decklid... got to have some air to the radiator if front.
I try to use VW parts as long as it is practical.

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Post by knastenrad »

got some dyno result now after doing the map's my self.
pretty happy with the result. :)
260HP and 356NM of torque.

a lot thx to MEgajolt! :D

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Post by paulc »

care to share your MAP?

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Post by toomanyveedubs »

can you tell me more about your turbo setup?


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Post by BRUCEROE »

Very impressive work. I suppose you have some sort of fuel injection? Bruce Roe

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