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Possible bug(s)?
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Hey guys, I was running my Evo at Eagles Canyon Raceway on Saturday. I tweeted that I would be streaming telemetry, unfortunately it didn't work out. Perhaps a bug or maybe I did something wrong. I'll post as much detail as possible with files to support as always.

1. My setup doesn't seem to connect to It did used to, I believe it stopped since moving to the beta android app or possibly since moving to V2 firmware; I can't be sure since those went pretty hand in hand.

I get this message on the site: "RaceCapture/Pro has not connected and sent data to RaceCapture/Live."
I do have Bluetooth ON under Wireless.
I do have Device Id '1JRM1S5' entered under Telemetry
I do have Background Streaming ON.

2. Lap timer intermittent functionality and/or Automatic track detection bug.

I went out in session 1 with auto track detection enabled and only Eagles Canyon Raceway added to my track list. I received no laptimes to my tablet via BT from the RCP.

Because of this, for session 2, I programmed the coordinates in manually and turned off automatic track detection and DID received lap times.

Unchanged, in session 3 I DID NOT receive lap times again. This time I decided to pull back into the hot pits, shut the Android app down and re-open. I moved to the 2nd page of the dashboard and it had times right away.

After the session, I speculated that the selected dashboard screen might have had to do with whether or not I got lap times.

In session 1, I was viewing the first screen with all my sensors, in mid session I moved to the 2nd and 3rd screens to see no times.

In session 2, I was viewing the 2nd screen the whole time which showed my laptimes.

In session 3, I was viewing the 3rd screen, which did not show me times. Once I hot pitted and relaunched the app, I got times only on the 2nd page.

In the last session (session 5, as I had to skip S4) I started with the 2nd screen, got times, and moved to the 3rd screen which was blank so I moved back.

So my speculation is that automatic track detection might be okay but certain dashboard screens cause the lap timer to not work?

Here I have attached both of the .RCP files I used.
Then I have four .LOG files from each of my sessions.

My Setup:
RCP MK1 running firmware 2.7.8
Nexus 7 2nd gen running Race Capture android app v1.2.4
+ Analog sensors: oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure, wideband AFR. Plus I just recently tapped 4 wires from the ECU and scaled them manually (TPS, Coolant temp, MAP (for boost).
+ Pulse input: RPM*
+ Shift-X on GPIO1-3

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Sorry you weren't able to get telemetry streaming! The Beta android app doesn't yet support telemetry mode. Worth noting, we have a list of current issues in the announcement post at the top groups here:!forum/autosportlabs-beta-testers

To recap, we normally have two basic to push telemetry:
RCP-> BT -> Tablet -> MiFI -> OR RCP-> BT -> phone ->

RCP (with telemetry) ->

If you want to stream via the app you'll need to downgrade to the current production version for now:

For #2 We'd have to check the start/finish coordinates for that track in our database. The app has no influence on the reliability of lap detection. The auto-detection simply fills out (behind the scenes) the manual configuration you would otherwise do.

Also, you will want to make sure the GPS module is hot and locked in. If you power up RCP cold and immediately go out on the track, it may still be trying to lock in satellites while you're putting down your laps.

Brent Picasso
CEO and Founder, Autosport Labs
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