Green flashing LED after firmware update

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Green flashing LED after firmware update

Post by Jury »

Hi there,

Just got my RaceCapture and am getting ready to head out for an event on Monday. I went to update my firmware, and now the unit just just flashes the green LED continually whenever I plug it in via USB. It's also no longer being detected by the RaceCapture app.

I'm running macOS 10.12, and was able to previously connect to the unit, update configurations, etc.

Is there some way to hard reset or factory reset the unit?

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Post by Jury »

OK, answering my own question here.

I had been unable to complete the firmware update over USB while in this green flashing mode. However, with the RaceCapture still attached, I connected to its wifi network, and this seemed to allow me to successfully run the firmware update again and it took successfully.

The original problem seems to have stemmed from me trying to flash the 2.10.2 RaceCapture/Pro firmware onto the normal RaceCapture. If that is indeed a possible source of user error, I'd recommend some kind of safeguard being implemented here.

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Post by dewittpayne »

It may be OS related. I was able to update a RaceCapture to 2.10.2 over USB using a Windows 8 computer.

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Post by TimIrwin »

Did exactly the same thing (RC/Pro onto RC), will try again over wifi when I get home, that didn't seem to work for me the first time I tried.
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Post by brentp »


The 'error 3' issue will happen if you attempt to upgrade RC with RCP firmware. We have an issue tracking it here: ... ssues/1320

The rapid green blinking light means it's stays in bootloader mode after the failed firmware upgrade. To recover, launch the app, go straight to the firmware update page, and update the firmware using the correct RaceCapture firmware.

Sorry for the confusion as we sort out how to gracefully handling multiple firmware versions. :)
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