Can not connect to Bluetooth on track mk2

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Can not connect to Bluetooth on track mk2

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I have a 2009 BMW 135i track car I'm trying to get the mk2 hooked up on. I can talk to the unit over wifi and otg on pixel 3, LG g4, Amazon fire tablet and a iPad 4 no problem although it's unstable and won't stay connected on the Android devices. Iv updated the firmware with the correct track files, tried downgrading, turned wifi off, just about everything I can think of. All the devices I've used just can't find the race capture. Im starting to suspect it's a hardware issue. Any help would be appreciated[/i]

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For Bluetooth, are you able to pair the RaceCapture device under Android Wireless settings? That's the first step.

Second thing, while connected over USB, try checking the system status / Bluetooth to see if it's showing as "Initialized". You can access status via the top left menu.

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