Integrated digital dash with stereo unit and RC Track MK3?????

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Integrated digital dash with stereo unit and RC Track MK3?????

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Hey everyone!
New to the forum!!
I've Looked high and low through the ASL forums as well as google searches and haven't found any information on what I'm trying to accomplish. 
So I wanted to verify with y'all that what I'm trying to do would theoretically work.
I've got some experience with a race capture pro mk3 that we ran with a pi dash setup on a racecar although I am not the person who set all that up.
I'm more of a fab/ mechanical guy vs an electronics and computer guy so this isn't my wheelhouse.
I'm currently working on building a Nissan Skyline (r32gtr), This will be mostly a weekend and occasional track day car.
I'll be running an AEM Infinity 708 on the car and am looking to sort out a gauge / digital dash solution.
Being a street car I didn't want to disturb the original dash / OE gauge cluster, and also don't want a ton of individual gauges looking like something from a 2000 era car meet,
The AEM will be monitoring all of the critical engine data, temps, pressures etc, with protection strategies enabled.
The standard AEM CD display would work but look out of place anywhere but in the location of the factory cluster so that's out.
Therefore what I ultimately want is to integrate a digital dash into a touchscreen car stereo.
I have found an open android Q 10.0 based touch screen car stereo that is google play store compatible, therefore you can customize and download apps such as race capture etc.
It seems effectively to be an android tablet with a built in audio amplifier, a 4g cellular modem, and some other fancy streetcar features.
My thoughts are to use a race capture track mk3 as a can interface to receive can data from the AEM Infinity and broadcast that data via USB to the touch screen stereo tablet running the race capture app to display a digital dash.
The unit I'm looking to use is an ATOTO S8 ultra (gen 2) double din 7" touchscreen, here's a link to the unit I'm looking at. ... d=15&id=93.

Before I Jump too far into this and start ordering stuff I'm trying to verify whether or not this is a potential solution or if I've lost my mind or am missing something. :? :?


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Re: Integrated digital dash with stereo unit and RC Track MK3?????

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I think you posted about this on facebook, but yes: the android head units work especially well.

Let us know how it goes!
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