Outputting gps from Racecapture to Megasquirt.

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Outputting gps from Racecapture to Megasquirt.

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If I want to output the GPS speed from the Racecapture to a megasquirt how would I do that?

Is there a even can output from racecapture? If so does anyone know the info the megasquirt should "listen" for.

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RaceCapture can output CAN data using the on-board Lua scripting.

The functions for sending CAN data is documented here:
https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/RaceCapt ... out.5D_.29

There's another example here that shows how to broadcast GPS and IMU data:
https://gist.github.com/brentpicasso/0c ... e80c86694c

Hope this helps!
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